Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reload Magellan MobileMapper CE OS Firmware

Where to download MobileMapper CE OS Firmware Image

Some Magellan official documentations have this out-dated information about location of MobileMapper CE OS firmware download location:
"The current version of MobileMapper CE Operating System (OS) firmware can be downloaded from in the /Mobile Mapping/MM CE/Firmware/OS Firmware/ folder."
This turned out to be out-dated information. The above directory does not exist on the FTP server. After some digging, I found the OS firmware in this zip file:
Notice: the above FTP location is accurate as 7/18/2007, may be changed by Magellan.

What Happened

I saw low battery warning on the device. Naturally, I select "Full Shut Down" to allow the system do a proper backup. This turned out to be a mistake. Apparently, battery was out before the device can fully shut-down, and the OS firmware image is corrupted. After this, upon each reboot, I am asked to calibrate stylus, then there are 2 dialogs:
Dialog 1: dialog title: "Warning", Text: "This is a Rescue Image! The
Main Image failed to start. Press "Cancel" to Retry Main Image. Press
"OK" to continue with Rescue Image."
After I press "OK" which is the only button on the dialog, I am lead to
the second dialog:
Dialog 2: dialog title "OS Loader", Text: "Please choose a new image
file. The image file cannot be in the MyDevice directory."
After I press "OK", an "Open File" dialog appears with option to load a
file type: Image Files (*.nbx).

Following the instruction in "Getting Started Guide", page 61 "Updating MobileMapper CE OS Firmware", I was able to load the OS image I downloaded from Magellan. The system seems to be back to proper working order afterwards.

Lesson Learned

When you have low battery warning, rather than to risk corrupt the OS firmware image, it is probably better to wait for the battery to die out or, if possible, recharge the battery immediately.