Monday, July 02, 2007

C++ Primer (Recommended Book)

Title: C++ Primer (I own the 3rd Edition)
Authors: Stanley B. Lippman, Josée Lajoie

Bottom Line: A keeper. Highly recommended. With its accurate and complete coverage, concise text and short code samples, this book serves as a good C++ reference book for intermediate or advanced C++ programmers. But definitely not a book for beginners.

This is the 1st and the only C++ book I have. The books has been on my shelf for 6 years. I was already familiar with C++ when I bought this book, and I find this book very useful through out the years. It covers EVERY fine details of standard C++, and the information is ACCURATE and CLEAR.

At first, I spent a few weeks browse through it. I found it has tremendous amount of new information for me -- an self-taught intermediate level C++ programmer.

But, if you are beginner trying to learn C++ and Object-Oriented programmer, I would recommend you to find another book.For one thing, in many places, there are terms referencing concepts in future chapter that make you having to read the book in two passes to understand it. Then there are too much fine details about C++, and too little practical guides. Even if you manage to read the book, it could easily take you a full year to finish this book and emerge in all the intricacy about C++, then come out not able to write a single program. There is NO full-blown sample program, nor step by step guide to setup development environment.

Due to its sheer volume and broad coverage, I didn't read the book cover to cover. Instead, I kept this book as a C++ standard reference. Whenever I have doubt, I lookup the index and read the related chapters. The books is written in concise and clear language, and has coverage of many minor details that cannot be easily find elsewhere. Having to juggle between C, C++, C#, Javascript, and SQL, I constantly need to refresh my memory about subtle C++ issues. To be honest, even if I work with C++ every day, I do not think I can master the full-depth of C++ language. C++ is a powerful language that provides many opportunities for programmers to express their ideas. This books is the perfect reference tool for me, it provides all the details about a language feature with enough details (but not too long to read) to remind me of the key points very quickly and precisely.

If this book is not a keeper that I feel deeply indebted to, I would not have the urge to write about it. :)

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