Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Why Sweatband/Helmet/Cap Could Make Better Wearable Than Watch

Compare to a wrist watch, sweatband/helmet/cap wearable provides the following advantages:

  • Speaker
    • Close to ears, can have wired earphone
    • Or simple a speaker close to head bone might work well
  • Microphone: being at fixed distance from your mouth, and close to head bones, the microphone can be designed to be efficient. Compare to watch, you no longer need to raise your hand to talk
  • Camera: head is always more stable, and provides good stabilization for human vision, thus better for camera too.
    • More stable than watch
    • Better view of the world around you (imaging playing tennis, rowing boat or skiing, a camera on the watch won't deliver much quality)
    • Panorama with multiple cameras is possible
  • Ambient Light Sensor: wrist watch are frequently under sleeves or in pockets, it just cannot give an accurate reading of the user's actual ambient light. However a sensor on the head enjoys all the day light a user might enjoy
  • Physiology Measurements: there are way more vital signs that can be measured near brain than on the wrist
    • Skin resistance change: monitor sweating
    • EEG (brain waves): measure brain activities, alertness, attention and focus, etc. Might be good for mediation, board games, ...
    • EOG/ENG: Eye movements tracking, can be used to diagnose dizziness, balance problem, ...
    • Hear rate: pulse can be taken from temple
    • Blood pressure: can be taken from temple
    • Blood oxygen level: can be taken from temple
    • Body temperature
  • Movements tracking: because they are on head rather than wrist, they subject to less swing or up and downs, can track human movements more accurately
    • Orientation tracking is more accurate (in terms of North/South/East/West and also Up/Down. You will have more confidence in telling the user is in upside down position.)
    • Acceleration is more accurate. For example, when basketball player go for a slam dunk, their hand movements will be very complicated, and you won't know how much power they put in the jump, or how high their jump is, but a sweatband (LeBron James?) can give very accurate reading;


  • The electronics on sweatband has to be feather light
  • Not suitable for work place in the current western culture (while wearing watch at work is widely acceptable, wearing a band or cap at work is still a bold fashion statement)
  • The user cannot see it (Oh, maybe something like Google Glass, but retractable will solve this problem)
Potential Applications
  • Yoga training
  • Meditation training
  • Sleep disorder assistance: it knows your toss and turns, you blood oxygen level change, heart rate change and eye movement changes (rapid eye movement sleeping), ...
  • Patient assistance: dizziness, epilepsy early warning
  • Sports life panorama video 
  • Athlete training assistance: tracking and feedback on gait, gravity center change, speed, acceleration, fatigue, ...
  • Car Black Box: it is no longer necessary, just make sure your cap power is on
  • ...
(Published on July 1, 2014, All Rights Reserved)