Friday, February 07, 2014

TaskKill vs. PSKill

I've been using PSKill for at least 7 years now. Just today, I found out TASKKILL is actually better than PSKILL in all fronts. I should finally stop using PSKILL. My finding is that TASKKILL in Windows 7 has all the features that PSKILL provides, plus the following advantages:

  • No download needed
  • No user agreement needed for the first time user (which is a big plus for server side automated execution)
  • Can kill *ALL* processes with the image name (compare to PSKILL only kill one of them. So with PSKILL, I will need to repeatedly invoke it until all the processes are gone. This is no fun when you are trying to run in automatically on a server.)
  • Richer command line options

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