Friday, July 19, 2013

Adobe Flex RSL Error in IE

This is another case which I know the cause and the solution for a problem. But I don't understand why it would cause a problem.

  - IE10, Win7, Flash Player 11.8 debugger
  - Google Chrome  28.0 with Flash Player 11.8

  Flex application stopped  working in IE. Always getting this error message: "RSL Error 1 of 2". RSL is short for Runtime Shared Library. Using ServiceCapture, I do see the main SWF loaded, and the first RSL loaded, but no the rest.
  The same Flex application works perfectly in Google Chrome.

  In the the IE Security setting, "Enable Protected Mode" is unchecked.

  Go to IE > Tools > Internet Options > Security, make sure "Enable Protected Mode" is checked. Then restart IE. Voila, it all works again. In retrospect, I might turned it off when I was trying to set up Selenium test framework.

  It's still beyond me why "Protected Mode" seems to make IE 10 more compatible. Just a few days back I had another problem with Office Web application due to the exact same cause. An extra IE windows will always popup when I open an Office 2013 application in Excel. The problem is gone after I enabled protected mode.

Flex: a RIA web application development framework based on Adobe Flash technology

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