Monday, August 01, 2011

Coldfusion Webservice Input Name Changed to in0

Symptom: Coldfusion webservices sometimes complain about input parameter "In0"

Environment: Coldfusion 9 on Windows

Solution: Login to Coldfuion 9 Administrator portal, Go to Server Settings > Caching, click on "Clear Template Cache Now" and "Clear Component Cache Now". This seems to trigger to re-compile of webservices WSDL thus fixed the problem.

  1. I don't know what is the root cause of this problem. Google turn-up some similar complains, but could not find any official answers on this
  2. The solution which required human interaction does not help in production environment
  3. The solution does not solve the problem permanently, sooner or later I'll hit the same error, and has to go back to the server and clear cache again


coldfusion developer said...

I am new a ColdFusion 9 developer can you please discuss such ColdFusion problems in detail. Thanks for highlighting this topic.

sleoni said...

Hi, have you found a solution for this issue (

I've been struggeling with the exact same issue in the past year and it is extremely annoying.
I'll appreciate any info you can give me on this one.

Guogang Hu said...

I did not find a solution. Just avoid using WSDL based web services in Coldfusion. I moved to use either direct JSON responses, or binary execution through AMF. Both are pretty stable.