Monday, April 19, 2010

Subversion (SVN) Client for Windows Quick Start

This is a brief guide to SVN client usage on Windows using Tortoise SVN client.

Recommended Software:
  1. Install Tortoise SVN client from this web site:
  2. Install winmerge from for merging code
Check out:To check out a project from SVN server for the first time: start Windows Explorer, right click in the folder you want to save the checkout code, and select "SVN Checkout".

Check in procedures:
Check-in usually have three steps in the following order:
  1. add new file to server;
  2. check for new updates from server and merge if necessary;
  3. commit the changes back to the server;
Minimum requirement for the checked in code is that they can compile without errors.

More detailed checkin steps:
1. In windows explorer, right click the checkout root folder, and select “SVN Add”;
2. If new files are listed in the following dialog:
a. check the files that you want to send to SVN;
b. uncheck the files that you do not want to send to SVN, and add them to the ignore list;
3. Right click the root folder again, and select “SVN Update”
4. If there are changes or merge during update step, double check that the code can still compile;
5. Right click the root folder, and select “SVN Commit”, and type a proper comment about what are fixed, or the new features in this checkin;

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