Thursday, March 08, 2007

View Generated Source in IE

I have "Web Developer" add-on for Firefox installed for a while. I love the "View Generated Source" function. Recently, I discovered an excellent way to add this functionality to IE by Favelet or Bookmarklet. This approach is inspired by the reference links below. I tried 2 variations of the Favelet, and end up using the first one.

javascript:void("javascript:'<xmp>' +
opener.window.document.documentElement.outerHTML + '</xmp>'"));

Good: HTML source is shown in new window.
Bad: Only works for pages served from localhost, due to IE's policy against cross domain access. However, this is not a concern for me, because the main reason I want to see "generated source" is for web development on local computer.


To make this function easily accessible, I added it to IE bookmark "Link" folder (see screenshot below). Now, I can see the generated source (including generated HTML and Javascript) with just one click on the link named "source".

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