Monday, January 29, 2007

Windows Media Player Automatically Show Full-Screen on Second Monitor

I have dual monitor setup on my laptop. If I open Windows Media Player on one monitor, it will automatically show videos on the other monitor full screen, always on top. I have no option to turn that off. This is annoying because I typically do not want to watch video full-screen. Sometimes, the little ad movie embedded on web pages will suddenly pop-out to my monitor full-screen, and I cannot close it in any way except closing the web page. To make things even worse, one of my monitor is setup to rotate 90 degrees (so that I can see more lines of code on one screen). The full-screen video will show-up on that screen in its original orientation (i.e. I have rotate my monitor back to watch it).

So, I want to turn off the feature, but cannot find anything in Windows Media options. After some googling, I found out this was a problem ever since people starting to use dual monitor configurations. I finally found a solution by adjusting my video card's settings.

Below is screenshot of the settings on my computer:

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