Friday, March 24, 2006

Using Transition Channel in Macromedia Director

I tried the transition channel in Macromedia Director MX 2004 recently. It
turns out to be quite tricky to use it correctly. At first, I just double clicked
in the score and selected a transition effect. And it works immediately. What
a relief, it is as easy as PowerPoint. Soon, I realized that I was wrong.

The first problems showed up after I tried to add some Lingo scripts to the
frame with transition effect.

First, I want the movie to loop on the frame until user clicks some
button. I find that the movie becomes extremely slow on this frame, and the movie takes about
50% CPU time. Then, in the "Using Director" online help, I found this
  • Avoid looping on a frame that contains a transition. Playing a transition continuously
    might cause performance issues.
So, I have made a well-documented mistake here. That is the first
tricky issue I have with transition channel.

However, it took me longer than it should be to fingure out the above problem, because
I used the "Dissolve Patterns" transition effect. It won't show any visual changes
when I am looping the frame, although it still takes 50% CPU time to calculate
the transition effect. This fooled me into believing it only did the transition
once and stopped, and was not suspecious of the transition being the source
of performance problem on that frame. If I had used the "Cover Up"
transition, I should have seen the screen repeatedly rolling up, and discover
the problem in the first test run.

The second issue appears when I am trying to add a sprite to show me the current
frame number. I first added a text
member to the lower left corner of the stage like this:

Then I added this behavior to the

on prepareFrame me
frameString = "" && _movie.frame
if(frameString <> member("FrameNumber").text) then
member("FrameNumber").text = frameString
end if

Again, the transition stopped working, the screen just freeze for 2 seconds (the default
duration used by the transition) then move on. I have not found any document
about this problem yet. But, my investigation showed that the offending code
is the highlighted line above. If I run the same code in enterFrame event handler, it won't be a problem. Or if I remove the line from prepareFrame handler, the transition will showup normally. I am not sure why is this a problem. For now, I will just avoid doing anything like this on a transition frame.

The lessons:

  1. Never loop on a frame that contains a transition;

  2. Do not change a text member's text property in "prepareFrame"
    event of the transition frame (there may be a more general description about this problem);

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